Meet Angie

angie photoI am Dr. Angie B. Hansen, MD, a medical practitioner for two decades now. I have been in private practice for the entire duration of my career, even way until now and will continue to do so. It has been a privilege to have served the public through my skills as a physician. I would have not done this without the support of my loving family, relatives, friends and colleagues in medicine.

This website is the product of all the hard work and knowledge I have put through in order to reach the status of where I am today. The idea of coming up with my own personal site came to being when a patient of mine, a 25-year old mom, who is living paycheck to paycheck asked me if is there any way she can do to lessen the symptoms or to totally be free of a disease that she has been carrying with her for 2 years now because she cannot afford to pay all the medications for the years to come.

I felt so sad hearing that from her. Good thing in the past, I have studied and have treated patients the same disease as she had. I shared things she can do to minimize medication and hopefully be free of the diseases. Good news! Now, she is free from it.

With that one incident, I have decided that I can do better than this, treating one patient at a time. I can help those people who do not have health care, or living almost close to poverty to live a better life through being well-informed about the disease and what needs to be done to lessen or avoid it. I am proud to say that I created this website to reach as many people as possible, to reach out to them, and to let them know that knowledge is power. When you know about what you have, what you need to do, then you have to power over the disease.

This will become a place where individuals from all over the country and even all over the world will seek for the information they need in order to know more about their bodies, certain diseases, and what needs to be done in order save one’s life or to live a longer life.

I am happy to say that after months of conceptualizing as to how this site should look like, it now came to what it is today – an informative site for everyone who wants to be informed, and want to stay healthy to live a life that is all worthwhile.

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