3 Different Kinds Of Medical Practice

In this blog post, you will be acquainted as to what are the different medical practices. This will help you fully understand as to how a physician works and which one to go for in case you need someone to diagnose your illness or to treat your disease.

Here are the three different kinds of medical practice:

First is the solo practice. By the term alone, you would already have an idea as to what this practice is. This is a medical practice wherein a physician is not associated with any organization, employed or practicing with partners. He is doing the practice on his own. This has been commonly used in the past. However, today, solo practice is becoming less popular due to competition, funding, and other factors. This usually caters to a smaller patient group. Solo practice enables the physician to be at an advantage as he can develop a personal or close relationship with his patients. One disadvantage though, the doctor will be on his own. A typical example of this is an orthodontist.

Second is the group practice. This can be subdivided into two, namely: multi-specialty and single-specialty. An advantage of this practice is that it is geared towards having financial security and there is a much better control when it comes to the physician’s lifestyle. One problem seen with this practice is that there will be a sense of bureaucracy.

Third is the employed physician practice. This means a physician is being employed by a hospital or health care corporations. The good thing with this practice is that the administrative work is given to the employer and the physician can focus on his job, nothing more, nothing less. The downside of it is that physician autonomy will slowly be diminished. There is a lesser control of the physician over his lifestyle.

People usually go to a hospital, have themselves diagnosed, and treated by a physician. The advantage of seeking the aid of such doctor is that all facilities are available, the doctor had been treating patients countless of times, and is experienced to do a procedure, when things come to worst. As an ailing patient, it is your right and choice to go to a doctor who is going to give you the best medical service whatever practice he is in.